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Since 2002 Berliners Max and Samuel have been playing independently in the local club scene, with their tastes falling on Caribbean. In 2005, Samuel began to focus increasingly on electronic music, first with selections and followed in 2008 the first productions.

This year the music brought the two boys together, and by the end of 2009 they found themselves as co – founders of „Klangkost“, a well – established series of parties in Berlin. In mid 2012 they began producing and DJing under the title ‘Wonkers’. Their sets are characterized by deep and tech house, and through creative and passionate stage performance, producing an unmistakable event. Their own productions and sets not only convince the Berlin club scene, but Audiences worldwide. After their first release on Kindisch „Fire City“, featured on the ‘Kindergarten’ Compilation. We look to the future with great anticipation!


Agency: WellDone! Music / Booking

Email: booking@welldone-music.com

The artist

Nationality: German

Resident in: Klangkost / Well Done!